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  • Shannon Milo
    General Sales Manager
    905-660-2901 ext 204

    Hello, my name is Shannon Milo. I am the General Sales Manager at VOS Motors. My passion towards Motorcycles had led me to join VOS Motors in 2005. My automotive experience began in 1998 and has led me to where I am today. I am a specialist in Financing and Credit and I am proud to be part of our growing team of hardworking and enthusiastic staff. This industry is never boring. From the customer base, to the technology itself, things are always changing which keeps it exciting. People tell me all the time that I work in a toy store, and that I am lucky that I get to play and work with bikes every day. Not many people get to call talking about motorcycles and riding what they do for work. Come in any time and I will be happy to help you choose your next motorcycle or answer any financing question you have.

  • Michael Alvarez
    Parts Manager

    Hi, my name is Michael and I am the Parts Manager here at VOS Motors. I am a rider myself, and I love to customize and create a unique riding experience. I am passionate about motorcycles, and try to display that in all of my customer interactions. I will do whatever I can to ensure that you leave happy and above all are satisfied with the level of service VOS Motors offers. Come in and see us in the Parts and Service department for anything from an oil change, to a completely customized job. 

  • Bruce Munroe

    Hello, my name is Bruce and I am a Mechanic here at VOS Motors. Through my extensive history around motorcycles, my knowledge about motorcycles and being a licensed motorcycle technician  for many years, I believe there is no job too big to accomplish. Whether it is a basic oil change or an engine rebuild I will be sure to get the job done so that you're back on the road as soon as possible.

  • Rebecca Williams
    F&I Consultant

    Hi, my name is Rebecca.. I have been in the industry since 2013 and I have worked various positions throughout the my years in the industry, including but not limited to, dealer positions as well as dabbling in the automotive lending side. I am a business manager a VOS Motors. My career entails of educating customers in credit building and maintaining, assisting customers with rebuilding credit, along with maintaining a long lasting business relationship throughout there journey of automotive vehicles purchases.

    The thing I love most about my job is seeing the smile on the customers faces when they gets to pick up their new vehicle, Whether it's a car, motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile, the childlike delight is heartwarming. I also love the intense upbeat environment that VOS Motors brings to their staff, couldn't be more grateful for a great team.    

    I would have to say my favorite vehicle is a Jeep Wrangler, as the simplicity in the design takes the truck to a whole another level.  A Jeep Wrangler also shows a ruggedness that is unspeakable, this vehicle is the Lego for adults, from upgraded suspension, to one too many light bars, mudders and winches. A wrangler may not have the fastest engine but they can go just about anywhere.

  • Amanda Luchetta
    F&I Consultant

    Hello, my name is Amanda Luchetta and I am a Finance and Insurance (F&I) Consultant at VOS Motors.

    I have been in the automotive industry for 4 years now, where I have joined VOS Motors in 2016.

    Working at VOS Motors, I've gained great knowledge from my experiences within the company where

    I get great satisfaction in being in a role that I can make a small difference in someone's life.

     One of my dream cars would have to be the prestigious, luxurious Mercedes-Maybach Brabus 900.

    As for my favorite motorcycle, I have always been a Ducati and Aprilia fan.

     Our team of staff here at VOS Motors work hand in hand to exceed our customer's satisfaction.

    At VOS Motors we all share the same vision. A visionary company that is constantly

    Coming up with new ideas and initiatives and looking towards the future in the automotive industry.

  • Aaron Sommerhalder
    905-660-2901 ext. 213

    Hello, my name is Aaron. I am the Marketing Director here at VOS Motors. I act as a bridge between our sales department and our online presence. I had previously been employed in various sales positions to hone and improve my customer service skills. Although new to the automotive industry, I am eager to assist clients and help expand VOS Motors' current platform for years to come.

    The aspect of my job that I love most are the interactions I have with customers and hearing the back stories they have of their experiences with motorcycles.

     I would like to say my favorite vehicle is the 2009 Harley Davidson Soft Tail Rocker C. This vehicle was my introduction to the world of motorcycles and was a project for my family.

  • Eduardo Alvarez
    Sales Consultant
    905 660 2901 ext. 209

    Hello, my name is Edaurdo Alvarez. Although I just recently started this past year with VOS Motors I have been in the automotive sales industry for coming up on 17 years. Customer service is my passion as I strive to make a connection with each and every customer and find the right vehicle that fits their needs and their lifestyle. 

    My favorite thing about my job is that it isn't really a job- it's more of a hobby that I am able to do every day.  I enjoy interacting with customers, and providing them with an in-depth knowledge of features and benefits of all units, old and new. 

    My favorite motorcycle is the Honda Repsol  and my favorite car is the Audi A4 Cabrio.

    Please reach out to me anytime so we can find the right vehicle for your lifestyle. I am always happy to help.

  • Mike Tavares
    905 660 2901

    Hello, my name is Mike Tavares and I am one of the mechanics here at VOS Motors.  

    I have been in the automotive industry for just over 17 years now and Ihave loved every day of it. Working at VOS Motors is a truly unique experience as I am constantly surrounded by those with an equal, if not more intense, passion for vehicles. 

    This industry and job provides a unique experience as I face new challenges everyday and it forces me to learn and continue growing only strengthening my passion for this industry.

    My favorite vehicle is my 2004 GSXR-1000 Suzuki.

    Please reach out to me on any inquiries you have. Let's work together to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

  • Hailey North
    Executive Assistant

    Hello, my name is Hailey and I am the Executive Assistant here at VOS Motors.

    I ensure that the Day-to-Day Operations here at VOS Motors runs smoothly and goes as according to plan. I am the connection between the sales team and the finance team ensuring all of our customers get the best and fastest experience here at VOS Motors.

    I am always looking to improve the structure and the procedures here at VOS Motors.

    If you need any assistance I am more than happy to help!

  • Monica Renkema
    F&I Consultant
    905-660-2901 ext 205

    Hello, my name is Monica Renkema and I am a Finance and Insurance (F&I) Coordinator at VOS Motors. I have been with VOS since 2011 and I have worked my way up through various roles within the company. Before working with VOS, I had been previously employed in assorted sales positions and administrative positions where I was able to hone my customer service skills. By working within different departments at VOS, I've gained incomparable knowledge from my experiences within the automotive industry and how to really assist clients with their vehicle and financial needs. I really do enjoy my current role as F&I Consultant as I find it very satisfying and rewarding to help customers achieve and reach their automotive goals.

  • Zurab Chubinidze
    Assistant Manager
    905-660-2901 ext 212

    Hey, my name is Zurab and I am the Assistant Manager here at VOS Motors. In the past I have worked as a sales consultant & assistant manager. I have been in the auto industry for 6 years now and I enjoy working within it. I've chosen to work with motorcycle's because I enjoy riding bikes and the fun you can have on them. Come check out VOS Motors because we are an honest company to deal with. We are a very friendly team. I'm sure myself or any of my colleagues can help assist you with all your motorcycle needs. Together we can find the right motorcycle, that is best suited for you.