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Brand New Yamaha Dealer

We are proud to announce that we are now an OEM Yamaha Dealer. We now offer a full line of New Sport Motorcycles along with all parts and service.

For any warranty work, please contact our service department. We are pleased to honour any Yamaha manufacturer warranty.

2015 Yamaha R1 first ride & review

The 2015 Yamaha R1 & R1M have become a game changer in the motorcycle industry. These bikes were designed to excel on the track. The system is incredibly smooth and never abruptly cuts power. The R1 is an amazing complicated machine but keeps the rider from feeling overwhelmed. All the systems and controls are easy to maneuver and placed on the handlebars. These features ensure the ride is faster and safer than ever before. To see more about the 2015 Yamaha R1 review visit:

2015 Yamaha R1 First Ride

2015 Yamaha R3 Review

Yamaha has finally launched the much anticipated small capacity street bike. The 2015 Yamaha R3 is R-Rated fun for beginner riders. The engine is a verticle twin cylinder engine with four valves per cylinder. These bikes were created to give increased power and improve fuel economy. The seat is a low height which makes it easy to reach the ground. The R3 leaves enough room for even taller riders legs to fit in the tank cutaways. See the link below for more about the R3

Yamaha R3 Review

Top 10 Mid-Displacement Sporty-Tourers

#1 Yamaha FJ-09

Yamaha hit a homerun with introduction of the the FZ-09. When engineers mounted the wonderful Triple powering the FZ into a Sport-Adventure chassis, creating the FJ-09, Yamaha created another success story. Already the winner of a couple shootouts such as Land Of The Roosting Sun: Four Far-Flung Adventure Bikes From Japan!, and our Three-Cylinder Sport-Adventure Comparison: Moderation In All Adventurers, the FJ is a bike that offers excellent performance, practical capabilities and multi-tasking for an affordable price. "For making every day an adventure, the FJ-09 is going to be a really tough bike for anybody to beat. Yamaha is on an absolute tear," is Burns' conclusion at the end of the Three-Cylinder Sport-Adventure Comparison. With the FZ-07 already available to consumers, we know an FJ-07 can't be far behind.

Top 10 Mid- Displacement Sporty Tourers

Nikko Helmet ALL $50.00

Nikko helmets have been around for nearly 25 years. The helmets all have a carbon fiber Kevlar outer shell, This gives the helmets a lightweight and more compact hardness. All helmets go through a rigorous testing and hand inspection. This testing ensures the riders safety. In preparation for the 2015 riding season, all Nikko helmets are on promotion for ONLY $50.00